|Jan 1, 1900|                                      |Apr 15, 1912|                                     |Dec 31, 2099|

Above on the left is the date January 1, 1900. On the right is the date December 31, 2099. Your team has just been transported onto a ship of state called UHR Lady Liberty IV. The former captain, Captain Smith, the executive officer, CDR Jones, and all other senior officers have been relieved of command for dereliction of duty.  It turns out the ship hit an iceberg decades ago (represented on The Icebergs page by Philip K. Howard’s talk: Four ways to fix a broken legal system) and has been slowly taking on water ever since. The former leadership thought they could handle the problem, kept it hidden from the passengers as long as they could, and finally admitted to that they were in over their heads. As you can see, the UHR Lady Liberty is long past Philip Howard’s iceberg but must navigate through a complex labyrinth of other icebergs.

On The Icebergs page are hyperlinks to a number of short lectures; many found at the TED: Ideas worth spreading website. Each TED lecturer is an “intelligence agent”. These agent/lecturers have done advance surveillance of each iceberg and are the best “intel” agents in the world. They have done a superb job of analyzing the individual threats to your ship from each iceberg floating in the “Sea of Information”.

Your job is to analyze the big picture, or the overall pattern of iceberg threats to your ship’s mission. You need to learn how the icebergs are connected to each other under the tips you see at the surface. You cannot begin to understand how big each iceberg is until you look beneath the surface. Your team will try to “connect the dots”, and understand how the icebergs are connected.